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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, answers and drawing by Sion. Thanks Sion!

No. Although the course content has been designed to have a coherent progression to it, each session is largely self-contained, so that missing one won't affect your ability to do the following classes. We also keep in regular e-mail contact with students, so information about a class you have missed can be passed on to you easily.

Obviously it's better if you aren't late, as classes start promptly, so you will miss content. But we'll always try to help you catch up with what we're doing and get you settled into the activity.

The most effective way to improve your drawing is to draw as much as possible. We strongly advise students to keep drawing in between classes and will set tasks during the course to encourage this.

We always have an interesting mix of people from all over the world and from different backgrounds enrolling on the course.

If you'd like to then great - it all helps, but it won't be a problem if you don't. The first few classes are designed to put you at ease with the subject and get you warmed up.

We encourage students to look at each other's work during class, to see and be informed by the different individual approaches to each task. Occasionally we will have informal discussions about a group of drawings and encourage you to get involved. One way to help you develop your knowledge of drawing is to talk about it and share thoughts and ideas in an encouraging, positive way.

It can certainly help. Drawings you do during the course could be included in an application portfolio, and colleges/universities will always want to see sketchbook work, which we encourage you to do during our course. Sometimes students who have done this course go on to other short courses and apply their improved drawing skills to create additional portfolio pieces.

Yes, we have one session during the course focusing on life drawing, but we also explore drawing the figure in other ways too, such as portraiture, drawing the figure clothed and drawing people on location.

Yes, when a drawing task is in progress the tutors will be present to offer individual advice, and we encourage you to put your hand up if there is anything you need assistance on. Also during each class there is usually a 10-minute break in the middle where the tutors remain in the classroom and are available for one-to-one feedback.

By this we mean going outside of the classroom to draw in a public space. During warmer times of year, if the weather is good, we'll do it outside. In the colder months we'll do it in an interior venue. Don't worry if the thought of doing this sounds daunting, we take time to prepare you for it and will be on hand to offer advice during the session. We think it's an important thing to try because if you get used to it then the world as a drawing subject will open up for you.

There are certain cultures in the world where the primary drawing tool is a brush, so in the spirit of exploration we encourage you to try drawing with ink and brushes. We also explore using watercolour and ink washes to embellish and develop drawings you have created with pens/pencils.

One of the main purposes of the course is to encourage you to explore different materials, methods and subject matter. Whether you have experience with these different things or not doesn't matter as we will show you ways to approach each task. If you are already familiar with something we'll hopefully show you something new about it that will further develop your understanding of it.

The content is basically the same, but during the evening course you will have more time in between classes to practice techniques we have covered whilst the summer course has greater intensity as it is concentrated in a week rather than spread over ten.

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