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Are two tutors better than one?

Our students overwhelmingly say, 'Yes.'

1,2,3s of Drawing is a fast-paced course. With two tutors, often one of us is engaged with the students while the other is setting up what's needed for the next part of the class. Or, when students are focused on drawing, there are two of us circulating and chatting with individuals about what they're doing.

Sion and I each have areas of drawing we're more experienced with. Though this is a drawing class, we do use ink and brush, watercolour washes and markers. Sion paints and illustrates and is a master of materials, techniques and careful observational drawing. I, on the other hand, draw storyboards for film and TV, so I work more from my imagination and in a quick, sketchy style. But I also have a background in architecture illustration, so explaining perspective in simple, user-friendly ways comes naturally.

With what you might call our 'tag-team' approach there's very little down time. You're finished drawing in your sketchbooks, and the easels are all set up and charcoal laid out for the next segment. And tutor fatigue is minimised, so we're each quite energetic when it's our turn to show or explan something about drawing.

Sion ap Tomos

Sion Ap Tomos is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art and divides his time between being a professional illustrator and teaching drawing and illustration to adults and children.

He has been teaching since 2000, working on undergraduate courses, short courses and in museums and schools.

Bill Wright

Bill Wright holds BA and MA degrees in architecture from Pratt Institute in New York. He's taught design, drawing and illustration in the US and UK and has been an Associate Lecturer in Central Saint Martins' Illustration program since 2007. Bill's worked as an architectural designer, production designer and architectural illustrator. He presently draws storyboards for films and TV.

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