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Enhanced Illustration -
Pencil, Pen, Paint and Pixels

Hi, I'm Bill Wright and I'm in love with illustration - seeing it, talking about it, analysing it and teaching this short course at Central Saint Martins.

I created Enhanced Illustration to reflect the trend among illustrators to combine materials like pencils, pens, inks, watercolours and pastels with up-to-date computer methods. The course also explores thinking, creating and working as professional illustrators do.

Creative ideas and traditional art materials are a great beginning for illustrations, but this course takes you a step further by including digital manipulation of handmade work.

Handmade First, Digital Second

In Enhanced Illustration, we create handmade drawings, textures and colours first. Only after that do we use the computer to help us develop our hand-crafted elements into rich, vibrant illustrations that might be impossible to do on a single, flat sheet of paper or board.

Using simple Photoshop methods, you'll have unparalleled freedom to modify your work -- change colours, re-size and relocate elements or add or subtract them. These two images are both from the same handmade artwork, digitally developed in contrasting ways.

You'll be free to randomly assemble an image, as in the strawberries illustrations above, or plan carefully what you're going to do, as was the case with the animal stories book cover.

To be clear, this course isn't about how to create artwork with a computer. We use real brushes, not Photoshop brushes. For computer generated art, consider courses that focus on that.

Creativity, Concepts

I encourage students to think originally and express ideas in their illustrations.

Below, two students express differing views on makeup - one ironic,
the other more glamorous.

We work with defined projects, but there’s lots of flexibility.

You'll explore concepts, subjects and styles - quirky, realistic, nostalgic, fashion-oriented, other... It's up to you!

Illustration Practice

We'll look at examples of professional illustration, and you'll experience working to a brief -- as a student did with the news story shown.

You'll meet successful illustrators, in person and/or through purpose-made videos.

For those interested, we’ll spend time looking into ‘Life as an Illustrator,’ including discussion about illustration careers and portfolios.

If you‘re not an aspiring illustrator, there’ll still be practical learning for other fields.

If you prefer, you're welcome to opt out of the 'Life as an Illustrator' section and spend time on your projects instead.

Digital Methods

Digital techniques will be explained through live and video demos and 'double-covered' with printable PDFs. If you're new to Photoshop these prints will allow you to carefully follow steps as you perform them on the computer screen.

There’ll also be supporting tutors to guide you through digital moves or help if you get stuck.

If you already know Photoshop well, use your own methods. Those we’ll be using are pretty basic.

But you may be surprised!
Sometime even experienced designers learn some new tricks!

Handmade Methods

We'll also discuss and explore handmade illustration techniques, look at examples and talk about how they were done.

There’ll be lots of art tools and materials and you’re welcome to try new methods, or stay with familiar ones -- but always then seeing how they work when manipulated digitally.

If you're not so familiar with handmade art techniques, please don't be intimidated by the apparent complexities.

We'll do our best to explain things and make them clear.

If you already know about art methods and materials, feel free to carry on with your work as you see fit!

Who Should Take this Course?

As the Central Saint Martins course decription says, 'Typically we have a great mix of students from two directions - those who know something about computer graphics and want to add a handmade aspect to their work, and others with an interest in drawing, painting or illustration eager to find ways to take advantage of digital methods. Both are welcome.'

Objectives could certainly include learning new skills, understanding the field of illustration and/or helping build a portfolio, whether for professional use or for us in applying for a degree program.

The two mages shown here show techniques from the class applied to graphic design, comics and textile pattern work by students after finishing the course.

But whether your interests involve a related professional field or simply exploring new avenues of visual imagery, I think you’ll find the results of this class satisfying.

For the full, official course description, please visit the Central Saint Martins website,

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