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For the Central Saint Martins website:

What students say ... drawn from emails and anonymous feedback forms.

‘The course filled a gap between computer and hand drawn/fine art courses...’

‘I think this course is great. Exactly what I wanted...’

‘...the inclusions of videos, talks, past student work is both helpful and inspiring.’

‘I found the class spot on: exactly what I wanted to learn. I found it inspiring and gave me the skills I needed to enhance my own style...’

‘This course was the best thing I’ve ever done. I loved it!’

‘I really enjoyed the classes, the tutor was always supportive and there was plenty of explanation...’

‘Most important the teacher is responsible and passionate!’

’I do not think the description of the course did it justice...’

‘I thought the classes were really very good - of a much higher standard than I had expected.’

‘...The tutors were very supportive.’

‘...This course really helped me learn what I’ve wanted and looked for, for soooo long! Thank you!’

‘The demos were appropriate and informative...’

‘...excellent – thank you! I very much enjoyed the freedom to explore my own ideas..’

‘Bill's energy is contagious...’

‘I was worried on day 1, as I already had lots of experience in Photoshop, that this course would only cover the basics…BUT! I’ve learned so much, especially with hands on techniques...’

‘I enjoyed the flexibility to be able to dedicate time to both handmade stuff and computing at my own pace...’

‘Only criticism is that it is not long enough!’

‘...light boxes were not enough for all the students.’

We have more now! :)

‘...thank you for the quality of your course. I really appreciated your knowledge, organisation and sense of humour.’

’...the course was one of the best investment(s) I've made in relation to my illustration world!’

‘I found your course invaluable for the next stage of my process...

‘Best decision I ever made going on that course it gave me real clarity on what I want to achieve.’

‘...thanks for a most enlightening and enjoyable course.’

‘I leave... very satisfied and full of good ideas and new challenges. Thank you!’

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