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I'm Bill Wright and I've been teaching illustration, drawing and related subjects at Central Saint Martins since 2007. My background is in architecture, set design, architectural illustration and storyboarding for films and TV.

I love illustration - the thought behind it, its images, functionality and popular appeal, teaching it and seeing illustration students accomplish great things!

Pictured here are studies I did for the first Central Saint Martins short course I taught, Capturing Cafe Society in 2007. Preparing for that class, I began thinking about a course focused on the techniques I was using. A year later Enhanced Illustration was born.

More background: I have two degrees in architecture from Pratt Institute in New York City and have taught design, drawing and illustration in both the US and the UK. Along with my freelance work, I now teach BA illustration students at Central Saint Martins and 3 short courses, including Enhanced Illustration.

Supporting Tutors

Alice Tait’s dog, Roger, by Alice

Illustrators and artists such as Alice Tait, Ben Tallon and Joanna Layla, who use techniques taught in class, pay visits to Enhanced Illustration to explain their work and help students with theirs.

As the class now runs seven times per year, the team of supporting tutors has been expanded, and includes artists, designer and photoshop experts. They’re able and dedicated, and help in both the art studio and the computer lab.

You’re going to rely on them and enjoy working with them, I promise!

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